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Flexifinger Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the nail form to stay stuck on the sides of the Flexifinger?

You can put a band of tape around the Flexifinger at the point where the nail form would stick.


How to I secure the nail properly?

Make sure the correct nail tip is fitted and pushed far enough into the finger stem under the cuticle. If you cut the nail tip down after it is inserted it will ensure that enough length is securing the nail in place under the silicone. This will make it very secure and prevent any wobbling when filing.


What is the best surface to stick the base to?

The suction base is exceptionally strong and will stay stuck for a long time on a tile, glass or shiny surface.


What happens if I file and accidently split the silicone?

You can use the sharp edge of the cuticle pusher tool – you can reshape the shape of the cuticle. Be careful of your own fingers when doing this and cut the cuticle down when the Flexifinger is on the stand. Careful not to take it too far back as it will make the nail loose when next inserted. Only do this if needed – otherwise contact Flexifinger – our staff will be happy to advise.


How can I order a Flexifinger?

You can buy Flexifinger at our online store or look for a stockist under the stockist page for a stockist near you.


What nail tips can I use?

Any generic full well nail tip. For the Flexifinger it can be decided between a #2, #3, or #4 size.


What can I practice on my Flexifinger?

You are able to practice any form of nail enhancement on a Flexifinger.

You can use your practice finger for anything from nail art, 3D nail art, manicures, acrylic nails, gel nails and polishes, nail tips and nail sculpture, silk wraps, filing and emulating bitten nails to repair and build on. New techniques on the market or just to improve skills, timing or practice if it has been a little while and slightly rusty! Or leaning a new technique from scratch – easy to use. To show on You Tube your own methods or creations.


How do I clean my Flexifinger?

If you have any spills on a Flexifinger – be it polish, gel or acrylic or particles from filing just simply get a damp cloth and wipe over the Flexifinger.


Can I put my Flexifinger under a UV light?

Yes, you can. They are fine to do that with. You can take it off the stand if needed too.

There are Fluoro Funky Flexifingers that glow UV under the light. See the online shopping store for more information.