Tamara – QLD

Flexihand is truly awesome…so much better than the hard plastic training hands at a much nicer price.  Thank you once again…

Jessica – NSW

I love it

Barbara – ITALY

Hi – we think the flexi are WONDERFUL! Very different from what I had.
The tip is very strong, the durable material! I am so happy!  Thank you very much indeed!

Lyndal – QLD

Awesome..best money I have ever spent.

Monica – UK

I’ve tred my Flexifinger today and i don’t like it…I LOVE IT!!!

Annalisa – ITALY

Hi, thank you so much! I already fell in love <3! IT’s a fantastic invention ..

Tanja – SPAIN

I love it

Alexa – UK

Looks and feels fantastic


Mine certainly gets a lot of work, I use it all the time. I can’t believe how many hits my Flexifinger video is getting! I promote it constantly all over the world. Thank you once again, it’s great. xo


Tamara from Tallai

I will be taking her, and her baby (Digi) into class early next week.  I am sure a lot of the girls will be very interested to meet Lucy.  I’m also quite confident that Lucy is going to make lots of friends who are going to be adding flexihand friends to meet her in class.  She is truly awesome…so much better than the hard plastic training hands at a much nicer price.  Thank you once again…

Monica Russo

Sep 19, 2015 9:18am

I was curious to try the Flexifinger and i found out an awesome asset in my profession!
It’s silicon made it looks just like a human finger, very easy to work with!
Like when i’m working on clients, i keep my 2 hands free and the Flexifinger will not move at all, it will stay right as i left it (better than with clients who move all the time!). When i’m working with Flexifinger, i can gently and very easily rotate it, really as if i was working on clients! The silicone material is entirely non-slip, so it will not slip off!
Its suction cup can only be set on smooth surfaces and it’s very resistant. It comes in its box with some instructions (we don’t really need it because it’s very simple to use!).
Plus, even with a non-slip surface, it can easily be cleaned, i can use all materials, gels, acrylics, everything, then clean it with alcohol.
What i also like in it, is you can try new designs and take a picture as if it was a real human finger (many times i see designs on nail tips and i think they’re a bit boring), so Flexifinger will make it more real!!
I really enjoy this item and think every nail technician should have one to try new shapes and designs!


Bel ~ Bel’s Gels & Acrylic Enhancements

I first bought the Flexifinger when I was doing my nail course for training purposes. Little did I know that I would continue to use the Flexifinger as much as I do.
I use it all the time when I want to practice specific designs or test out a new gel polish.
The tips are so easy to place and remove and very cost effective as you can just use normal tips, they are not specific ones made for the Flexifinger or Flexihand.
It has such a realistic feel to it and is so easy to manoeuvre as it is so flexible. If you don’t have a glass top table you can just stick it to a tile and it works fine.
If you make a bit of a mess with acrylic or polish it is very easy to clean due to the material it is made from.
The customer service offered by Sharon at Flexifinger is fantastic. She is so helpful and quick to get your orders to you, nothing is too much trouble.
The Flexifinger and the Flexihand are such great products I totally recommend you purchasing this great Aussie invention, you won’t regret it.


Product Reviews

Love it 5 Star Review
Posted by fiona on 25th Jan 2015
This is awesome, its allowed me to perfect my technique.

awesome 5 Star Review
Posted by Venetta Castle on 1st Sep 2014
easy to fit a tip and practise nail art designs

Finger licken good! 5 Star Review
Posted by Michelle on 15th Nov 2013
This finger is so easy to use. I like the fact that you can either have it on the stand or use it on it’s own.

Fantastic item! 5 Star Review
Posted by Natalie on 19th Jun 2013
Love the Flexifinger, helps create new designs and learn how to do nails without ruining you’re real nails. It’s also heat proof, so prefect for gel nails too.

Highly recommend!